© 2015 All Rights Reserved, Charles DiLisio
© 2015 All Rights Reserved, Charles DiLisio

Welcome to The MaturEntrepreneur! I’m your host, Brian D. Jones, and I’m glad you’re here!

Your time is valuable. To decide if this is the right place for you, let me give you an overview of what you’ll find at The MaturEntrepreneur.

This site is a resource for Mature Entrepreneurs. It’s up to you to define “Mature”. I’m 57 years old if that helps. Being a MaturEntrepreneur offers unique challenges and opportunities. We will explore these challenges and uncover these opportunities.

I plan to document my own entrepreneurial journey via regular blog posts. Follow along, root for my success, and groan at my failures. Your comments are welcome.

There will also be posts that share words of wisdom, tools and other resources that have been valuable to me. I hope they prove valuable to you. Sharing what has worked for you is even more valuable.

Most importantly, my wish is for The MaturEntrepreneur to be a place for comraderie and inspiration as you follow your own entrepreneurial journey. We may be Mature, but our stories are still to be written! Welcome again!


8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello Brian,
    I too am an older guy working on an online project (and struggling). How helpful is the Next Level Group Mastermind? Can you give me some feedback and how it is working for you?
    Thanks, Will

    1. Hi Will,
      I’m in the middle of finishing my book and launching it on the Kindle Store. Therefore, I’m currently not very active on NLM. But NLM offers lots of quality information. NLM has numerous experienced members who are very willing to share and help. If you have read Ryan’s book “Ask.” and want to implement the Ask system, then NLM is a great resource. In a couple months I plan to be more active on NLM.

  2. Hi Bryan,
    I made to your blog through an email ad from Elance. I just turned 50, recently divorce and struggling with cash flow. I like my job but don’t like the commute and the general grind of the rat race. This feeling has me looking for something different. I opened an Elance account about 2months ago but have not been able to get this thing off the ground. Do not know what to bid for…I guess. Am interested in tracking your story as a source of inspiration for myself.

  3. I am 54 and wanting to start my own business that I have been working in over the past 12 years of which 9 of those was as my own business. I have been working in the business for another company but want to get back in the business for myself. I have a location that I think is a good one and the price for the buildings is good. How do I go about getting the wife onboard? I get mixed signals from her by her stating that she has no doubt that I would be successful,, but it always comes down to “where are we going to get that kind of money”? Any suggestions?

    1. Welcome Kirk! Sounds like you have great experience in your industry. It also sounds like your plans call for a big investment. Without knowing your business, I would ask if there is a way to validate your business idea on a smaller scale before you make the large investment. Best of luck to you!

  4. Thanks for your book. I’ve read over 200 books so far and sometimes I find gems like your book.
    It’s opened my eyes. I am 53 and have been struggling to get my business relaunched since 2013. We had an amazing 2012 and some months we made over $15K! So I feel confident in our product and the niche market it serves.
    Now I just have to unblock myself. For decades, I have been sabotaging just about everything good in my life. I just found the right partner in 2011. It took me until nearly age 50 to grow up!
    I am not going to go into the many failures I’ve had…but I’ve had my fair share. I can feel, like an intuition I have, that I am about to launch something that will change the way people create content forever. It’s a new paradigm and mindset toward blogging.
    I am working on my 90-day action plan right now. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I am also looking for joint venture partners too and anybody reading this is welcome to contact by texting me at 705-471-3140, with your email address. It’s the best way to catch my attention.
    Don G Cox

    1. Welcome Don! I’m glad you enjoyed my book. Best of luck implementing your action plan. Keep coming back for inspiration and support.

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